Transfer Students

St. Luke's College may grant transfer credit from course work completed at other accredited colleges and universities. All transfer credit should be completed and official transcripts submitted to St. Luke's College prior to the first date of attendance. After enrollment, all courses need to be completed through St. Luke's College offerings.

Students wishing to transfer courses from another accredited college or university should submit official academic transcripts to St. Luke's College for review.

Credit may be granted for course work that is up-to-date and similar in content by academic department, course title, course number, course description and that has a grade of at least a 2.0.

Articulation Agreements

St. Luke's College accepts credits from other institutions through articulation agreements.  Credits articulate through these agreements for general education coursework and pre-licensure nursing courses. St. Luke's College has RN-BSN articulation agreements with the following institutions: