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Nurse Refresher

Renew your RN License and Return to a Vital Career

If you have let your RN license lapse and want to get back into the nursing profession, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Our RN Nurse Refresher Course is designed to help you update and enhance your nursing knowledge and clinical skills to get you back into the profession of nursing.  Obtain 80 contact hours. 

Start Dates: Fall Semester (August), Spring Semester (January), and Summer Semester (May)

Theory Component - 80 Theory Hours

Clinical Component - 80 Clinical Hours

Timeframe for Course Completion = 12 months

Theory Component

Theory Component (80 hours completed online)

Course Content:
Clinical Skills
Lifespan and Aging
System Review
Course Objectives:
  • Upon completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the professional roles, responsibilities, and clinical judgement required in current nursing practice.
  • Describe ethical, legal, and professional issues in health care.
  • Use effective communication and collaboration strategies in nursing care delivery.
  • Enhance and apply previously acquired nursing skills to individualized care of patients.   
  • Demonstrate knowledge and nursing responsibilities related to pharmacology and medication administration.
  • Describe the role of information technology in improving client outcomes and supporting safe health care environments.

12-month self-paced program - one year to complete all components

Unit I: Clinical Nursing Skills

Unit II: Pharmacology
Unit III: Contemporary Nursing
Unit IV: Informatics
Unit V: Safety
Unit VI: Lifespan & Aging
Unit VII: Review of Systems
Unit VIII: Head to Toe Assessment
Clinical Component

Clinical Component (80 hours minimum)

Verbal commitment from clinical site prior to start of course

  • Clinical site must be located in the United States
  • If the respective state board of nursing requires more than 80 hours, this requirement will be adhered to during the clinical experience
  • Clinical Requirements: Within 30 days of the start of the program and the start of clinical hours
  • Insurance coverage - Professional liability insurance
  • CPR current
  • Mandatory reporter per state guidelines
  • Background check with fingerprint cards
  • Physical Exam within 12 months


  • Tdap within 10 years  
  • MMR x2 or titer
  • Varicella x2 or titer
  • Hepatitis B series or waiver
  • Influenza annually
  • TB testing (2 negatives within past 12 months) or negative TSpot within 12 months
  • Drug Screening per clinical site requirement within 30 days of the start of the program

Clinical Responsibilities

All clinical requirements must be completed prior to beginning the clinical learning experience (see clinical requirements).
The Participant shall:
  • Complete all assignments for the course.
  • Assume responsibility for identifying own clinical site and preceptor and hold an active role in planning the clinical experience throughout the course (Preceptor may not be related to the student).
  • Complete all required clinical documentation to the course faculty (i.e. evaluations, outcomes, etc.)
  • Be prepared to complete 8-12 hour shifts that may include days, nights, and weekends during the clinical learning experience.

The Clinical Facility shall:

  • Promote a positive learning environment for the participant.
  • Complete an affiliation agreement between facility and St. Luke's College for the provision of the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide a staff member to serve as a preceptor for the participant during the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide the institution with the facility's policies and procedures.

The Preceptor shall:

  • Be present whenever the participant is delivering nursing care, serve as a role model, and provide guidance to the participant throughout the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide an evaluation of the participant's progress throughout the clinical learning experience to the course faculty.
  • Agree to be evaluated on the learning experience by the participant.
  • Preceptor will hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with at least 2 years of clinical experience.

The Course Faculty shall:

  • Provide all educational objectives to be achieved during the clinical learning experience.
  • Assist participants as needed throughout the course.
  • Communicate progress of the participant with the clinical preceptor as needed.
  • Provide the facility and preceptor with faculty contact information.
Cost of Program

Cost of the Program

Tuition - $1,400.00

Enrollment Fee - $100.00
Clinical Fee - $141.00
Book Fee - TBD
Refund Policy:
Program tuition is non-refundable once a student accesses (by logging in) to the course via Blackboard (the Learning Management System).  
Enrollment fee and clinical fee are non-refundable. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


QUESTION: How fast can I complete the Nurse Refresher program?
ANSWER: The maximum time to complete this course is 12 months.
QUESTION: Can I complete the didactic and not the clinical?
ANSWER: No, in order to receive credit for this course you need to complete both components.
QUESTION: Is there a final exam?
ANSWER: There is no final exam.  Unit quizzes will be given throughout course.
QUESTION: How do I find a preceptor?
ANSWER: You may find a preceptor at a local hospital, clinic or long term care facility. Your preceptor is required to have a BSN with at least 2 years of experience.
QUESTION: Are there any nursing contact hours for this course?
ANSWER: You will receive 80 contact at the completion of the course.
QUESTION: Can I start my clinical hours before completing the didactic hours?
ANSWER: Didactic hours must be completed prior to starting the clinical component.
QUESTION: Can I get paid for my clinical hours?
ANSWER: This is not a paid internship.
Admission Requirements

Requirements (prior to beginning the program):

  • Contact your state board of nursing to determine if this RN Refresher course meets state requirements. Additional requirements may be necessary.
  • RN License: Must be formerly licensed (reactivate license) or currently licensed. Verification of prior licensure from Nursys.com (or the state Board of Nursing where Nursys.com is not available) should be sent via email as part of the admission process. Work with your board of nursing to acquire a limited authorization to practice or temporary license in order to complete the required clinical experience. Please provide documentation of limited authorization to practice upon admission.
  • Completion of orientation including Cornerstone.
  • Technology Requirements: Students registered for this course are required to have internet access and a current St. Luke's College e-mail address. All computers should be able to run the latest editions of operating systems and programs utilized during the course.  Skill requirements include use of St. Luke's College student portal (CAMS), Blackboard, internet search engines, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.
If you need assistance with online course access please contact Student Services:
Michelle Ouellette
Phone: (712) 279-3273
Hours: M-F 8-4:30.