Student Handbooks

2024-25 Handbook
This Handbook was prepared with the most accurate information available at the time of publication. All information is subject to change with proper notification. Therefore, St. Luke’s College reserves the right to change any section or part of the Handbook to meet the needs of students and the College. St. Luke’s College reserves the right to change or augment didactic, lab, or clinical course lengths, assignments, or delivery modes due to disruptions caused by natural disasters, global health threats, or other causes. Any changes will be communicated and will satisfy regulatory and accreditation requirements at that time. Students can request in writing to the Executive Dean of Academics and Student Services to review specific College policies at any time. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with the content of this handbook and for keeping it as a ready reference. All policies printed in this handbook will be enforced.
2024-25 Addendums