Theory Component (80 hours completed online)

Course Content:

  • Assessment
  • Clinical Skills
  • Pharmacology
  • Informatics
  • Safety
  • Lifespan and Aging
  • System Review
  • Practicum

Course Objectives:

  • Upon completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the professional roles, responsibilities, and clinical judgement required in current nursing practice.
  • Describe ethical, legal, and professional issues in health care.
  • Use effective communication and collaboration strategies in nursing care delivery.
  • Enhance and apply previously acquired nursing skills to individualized care of patients.   
  • Demonstrate knowledge and nursing responsibilities related to pharmacology and medication administration.
  • Describe the role of information technology in improving client outcomes and supporting safe health care environments.

12-month self-paced program - one year to complete all components

Program of Study - 80 hours

Clinical Component - 80 hours

Unit I: Clinical Nursing Skills

Unit II: Pharmacology

Unit III: Contemporary Nursing

Unit IV: Informatics

Unit V: Safety

Unit VI: Lifespan & Aging

Unit VII: Review of Systems

Unit VIII: Head to Toe Assessment