Course Delivery Methods


Traditional or Face-to-Face Format

This delivery method allows learners and faculty to meet in person or as a group for regularly scheduled class sessions either on campus or at another physical location.

Hybrid/Blended Delivery Format

An instructional delivery method which combines the face-to-face delivery and the distance delivery formats.  Click here for minimum Computer/Equipment requirements.

Online/Distance Education

All instruction is provided via the Internet and no face-to-face instruction is required.  This format  is a virtual classroom where course instruction, course content, and external resources such as academic links are provided to learners who are physically separated from the instructor. Click here for minimum Computer/Equipment requirements.

Student Responsibilities and Expectations

Flexible learning such as online and hybrid courses are not suited to all learners.  It is important to recognize one's strength and weakness as a learner to assess if online learning is a good fit.  If you are a student considering an online or hybrid course, please use this tool to assess your readiness in online learning.

Online learning also requires an established set of online skills.  St. Luke's College helps students expand that knowledge through orientation, but the basic ability to use email, the computer and  familiarity with online searches and tools is essential.  As a student participating in online courses, it is expected that you have basic computer skills.  If you do not have these skills, your success in the course may be impacted. Click here for Distance Learning Guide.

Available Student Services for Online Students

All student services available to a student in face-to-face courses are also available to students in  online/hybrid courses.  Communication can occur through the use of the phone or email.  Participation in live on-campus events are also available upon request. 

Note: All logistics and costs for transportation and lodging associated with required face-to-face sessions on campus are the student's responsibility.  Required equipment including hardware and software, speakers, microphones, webcams, etc. are the responsibility of the student.