Clinical Component (80 hours minimum)

  • Verbal commitment from clinical site prior to start of course
  • Clinical site must be located in the United States
  • If the respective state board of nursing requires more than 80 hours, this requirement will be adhered to during the clinical experience
  • Clinical Requirements: Within 30 days of the start of the program and the start of clinical hours.
    • Insurance coverage - Professional liability insurance
    • CPR current
    • Mandatory reporter per state guidelines
    • Background check with fingerprint cards
    • Physical Exam within 12 months
    • Immunizations: 
      • Tdap within 10 years  
      • MMR x2 or titer
      • Varicella x2 or titer
      • Hepatitis B series or waiver
      • Influenza annually
    • TB testing (2 negatives within past 12 months) or negative TSpot within 12 months
    • Drug Screening per clinical site requirement
    • within 30 days of the start of the program

Clinical Responsibilities

All clinical requirements must be completed prior to beginning the clinical learning experience (see clinical requirements).

The Participant shall:
  • Complete all assignments for the course.
  • Assume responsibility for identifying own clinical site and preceptor and hold an active role in planning the clinical experience throughout the course (Preceptor may not be related to the student).
  • Complete all required clinical documentation to the course faculty (i.e. evaluations, outcomes, etc.)
  • Be prepared to complete 8-12 hour shifts that may include days, nights, and weekends during the clinical learning experience.
The Clinical Facility shall:
  • Promote a positive learning environment for the participant.
  • Complete an affiliation agreement between facility and St. Luke's College for the provision of the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide a staff member to serve as a preceptor for the participant during the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide the institution with the facility's policies and procedures.
The Preceptor shall:
  • Be present whenever the participant is delivering nursing care, serve as a role model, and provide guidance to the participant throughout the clinical learning experience.
  • Provide an evaluation of the participant's progress throughout the clinical learning experience to the course faculty.
  • Agree to be evaluated on the learning experience by the participant.
  • Preceptor will hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with at least 2 years of clinical experience.
The Course Faculty shall:
  • Provide all educational objectives to be achieved during the clinical learning experience.
  • Assist participants as needed throughout the course.
  • Communicate progress of the participant with the clinical preceptor as needed.
  • Provide the facility and preceptor with faculty contact information.