St. Luke's College COVID-19 Preparedness

St. Luke's College COVID-19 Preparedness

St. Luke's College has been carefully assessing COVID-19 and will continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation.  It is important that we prepare and respond appropriately.  Please note that there are currently no known cases in Woodbury County.  

In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff, St. Luke's College will extend its current spring break for students in all programs through Sunday, March 22.  The purpose of this extension is to allow faculty time to convert current face to face courses to an online format for a minimum of two weeks, March 23-April 3.  The College will remain  open and running normal operations.  While the situation evolves each day, currently we do not plan to extend the length of the semester nor reschedule commencement.  

Online courses, clinical and labs will resume on Monday, March 23. Course faculty will be reaching out to students regarding course schedules.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the following websites:

dated: March 13, 2020, 10:00 a.m.