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2800 Pierce St, Suite 410
Sioux City, Iowa 51104
(712) 279-3149 or
(800) 352-4660, ext. 3149
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St. Luke's College Alumni Association is proud to offer volunteer opportunities to the current students attending St. Luke's College. With a variety of opportunities, you can participate no matter where you live, near or far. St. Luke's College is fortunate to have Alumni like you who want to take an active role in helping with the lives of our future healthcare professionals.

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities


  • Contact Students

    Contact students who have applied for St. Luke's College or after they have been accepted to St. Luke's College.

  • Tutor Students

  • Sponsor Luncheons and Events for Current Students

    Connect for Success
    This is an opportunity for both alumni and students. The AA would organize a dinner and networking activity. The main purpose is to give students the opportunity to meet alumni that have been working in the fields they intend to build a career in. It is a wonderful time for alumni and students to connect and answer questions for one another.  
    This program is similar to Connect for Success but with a more intimate group of students that are studying a particular field. The alumni coordinator could plan the event or it could be hosted by alumni in their home or favorite restaurant.

  • Post Job Opportunities

  • Transition After Graduating College

    Help Our Students Travel
    St. Luke's students that travel to clinical or interviews in a variety of locations have the opportunity to be connected with alumni in those cities. Alumni hosts could provide students with a free place to stay or offer helpful advice regarding the prospective medical center and community for which they will be visiting. Becoming involved in the host program is a great way for alumni to connect with current students and give back to their alma mater.

Becoming an Alumni Volunteer

To explore volunteer opportunities with St. Luke's College Alumni Association, please contact the College 712-279-3149 or fill out our volunteer interest form.